January 18, 2018


Both Gary and I enjoyed our conversation with Nikki immensely, as she is a fabulous host and made us feel totally at ease in her company - it was a complete joy, and we felt honoured to be part of this fabulous event.

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Lynette Essery
MediaAd Corp, Co-Founder

I truly believe in synchronicity and meeting you was the by far one of the best instances of this since I began the wonderful path I am on with “The Chakra House of Healing”. You have inspired me with your kindness and generosity and your ability to run a network as if it was your beloved child and not a corporation. I have seen the wonderful feelings you bring out in those around you and knowing you has been a true privilege for me.

Not only was I thrilled to be a guest on your fantastic show “The Nikki Clarke Show” which encapsulated information, current events, music and good times, but you have guided me and believed in me to begin my own show on your network. You will always be a light in the darkness.

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Ayse Hogan
Founder of Chakra House of Healing

Had a great time on the Nikki Clarke show. She is a creative, talented and generous woman. Be sure to check out her show.

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Rev Denise Gillard
Hopeworks Connection

Loved doing the show...I'd come and do another anytime...so great !!

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Ayse Hogan
Chakra House of Healing, Founder

Thank you Nikki Clarke.

It was really fun participating last night talking about Yorkville Lifestyle Real Estate and meeting you and your guests.

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Vivien Sharon
Yorkville Real Estate Broker

Thanks Nikki for having me it was a great experience and a pleasure to finally meet with you

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Mala Sehdev
Yummy Cakes and Cupcakes, Owner

Jamaican born Nikki Clarke  left her job as a college professor to start the Nikki Clarke Show, an online television show.

Today she produces 7 online television shows on topics such as real estate, women's wellness and world politics. I was blessed to interview her for Journey to Success Radio Network

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Tom Cunningham
Radio personality

I participated and very much enjoyed last night's 'Creating a Buzz! Using Social Media to Build Your Business' workshop, presented by the lovely, knowledgeable, and beautiful Nikki Clarke. It was a pleasure to be there and discover new ways of applying social media to increase the presence of
my business. I also met incredible women entrepreneurs which are very dedicated and passionate about what they do. I am looking forward to the next workshop!

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Veronica Budelecan

It was an honour being on The Nikki Clarke show last night sharing my inspiring story on rebuilding after divorce and my journey as a successful female entrepreneur in Toronto. I'm super excited to launch my website on mother's day in memory of my late mother. RIP. look out for it KAREN CARRINGTON INC! Thank you Nikki for your ongoing positive energy and strong spirit. I truly appreciate you and everything you stand for in this community and nation wide.

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Karen Carrington

I Had such a great time on the Nikki Clarke Show last night , thanks for having me Nikki.

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Diana Henry
Founder of Beauty in You

Nikki Clarke and Mitch Wolfe-Ebony and A Slightly Greying Ivory
For me, the high point of the recent Nikki Clarke show, on April 29 at The White Elephant, was Nikki’s own incredible singing and comedic talent. She is a very informed and sensitive interviewer who very professionally guides the conversation effortlessly. But on Wednesday, she blew me away with her
pitch perfect singing and her hilarious opening monologue, perfectly channeling a ditsy, vacuous California Valley girl . OMG! Totally! This woman got game and skills.

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Mitch Wolfe
Huffington Post Columnist

Nikki Clarke and her team are talented, fun, and treat all of their guests like gold.

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Paul Bell

Great workshop, amazing information.
Thanks Nikki Clarke for the Social media workshop I believe we can say we all learned something new
And I am using your new tip "Use quotes"

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Lizy Tri
Radio Personality

Thank you Nikki for an awesome night on April 8th, at the taping of the Nikki Clarke show at the White Elephant in Toronto. Was a lot of fun. Can't wait to see the video. Thank you for letting me be a part of the experience.

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Janice Lee

It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of such an amazing selection of guests and meeting members of the audience interested in improving their life thru coaching .

Thank you Nikki for the opportunity

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Antonio Raimondo
Life Coach/Author

I had an amazing time late night, thank you Nikki Clarke for your inspiration to the community

Harriet Bennet, Performing Arts GAPA

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Harriet Bennet
Performing Arts GAPA

Hi Nikki
You are one busy lady.
I hope you are keeping well and out of mischief!
I just wanted to send you a quick personal note of thanks for all of your involvement with the Florida Highwaymen Exhibit in Montreal and for doing a show around it.
Totally sweet,
Just like you!!
Big hug to you, stay well,

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Florida Highwaymen Exhibit
Tony Hayton, Black History Society

Hello Nikki,
We hope this email finds you well? In honour of volunteer appreciation week, Passages Canada will like to express our sincere thanks to you for volunteering your time as a speaker. Please find attached a personalized certificate of achievement as a token from Historica Canada and Passages Canada.
With warm regards
Maimuna (Muna) Gaye
Program Officer

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Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week
Maimuna (Muna) Gaye, Historica Canada

Greetings Nikki;
Thank you for having me on your show last evening and for allowing me to share my story. It was a great experience and I do commend you on doing such an excellent job in the community.
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday evening.
Leila Springer
President /Executive Director
The Olive Branch of Hope .
E: lspringer@theolivebranch.ca
T: 416-256-3155 F.416-256-4069
W: www.theolivebranch.ca

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Leila Springer
Leila Springer, The Olive Branch of Hope


Page 13-14

With tremendous gratitude Nikki for giving me the opportunity to bring Dominica to a new audience. Last night;s taping was absolute fun. Best way to spend every other Wednesday evening at La Creole Restaurant. I may even dare to do Karaoke next time Good food...great fun. Much appreciated.

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Fran Delsol
Fran Delsol, Commissioner of Trade, Trade and Investment for Dominica in Canada

Thank you Nikki Clarke for providing a great platform for the community to share their stories! Keep up the great work! You inspire me...

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Lite It Up Candles, Body , and Spa
Valerie Augustine, Founder, Lite It Up Candles, Body , and Spa

Dear Ms. Clarke,
I thank You for a lovely event and a wonderful experience on Sunday last. I especially enjoyed this Ontario Black History Society's 2016 Black History month Kick-Off Brunch. I felt privileged for the Oliver Le Jeune Award. I have read about his and others like him.
Your even's success was a clear testament to you and your staff's hard work. I am informed that your staff, Michele-Ann Halsall, was thoughtful and helpful to mine. Momentarily, this award will take up residence on the wall of my office.
I thank you again for your good work. I look forward to getting to know you better. Please do extend my appreciation to your many volunteers who made this event as successful as it was. "Sold-Out" is quite an achievement. Take care and be well. Do stay in touch.

Yours Sincerely,
Hon. Anne Cools

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Senate of Canada
Senate of Canada


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The Dr Vibe Show

It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with you.
There is a very special spirit in your soul, I'd love to work with you in any capacity to brand that very "Nikki Clarke" into a sustainable bankable brand. You have a bright aura.
Thanks for participating with the cruise last night your addition was an excellent enjoyment to the event.
I look forward to working with you in the futu

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Nadine Spencer
Nadine Spencer, CEO President, BrandEQ Group


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I love the Nikki Clarke show #1 she is the best host going #2 she a very nice lady #3 it's networking with many ppl the audience as well as guest and it's an awesome night out !!!

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Tracey Crosson
Tracey Crosson

Thanks so much for having me on the show, I truly had a blast and thanks for reeling me in when I got carried away. You have a great skill and ability to make one feel at ease and you did a wonderful job.

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Cheryl Lopes
Cheryl Lopes, Purposefully Healthy

" I have not known Nikki for a long while I really just came to experience the wonderful personality and talent of Nikki Clarke through a mutual friend and what I've seen so far is amazing. Why I love Nikki is because she is so real ,humble ,exceptional. She does not let anything anyone get between her andwhat she's trying to project to the audience. I value her opinions or thoughts I am elated with her mannerisms of questioning her guests. Someday I would love the opportunity to work with Miss Clarke and see where we could soar to. Also she has many hidden talents and she does a lot of work outside of what I have seen. Very involved in the community and I can tell that she is a woman on a mission a woman to make strides as a woman to be known. Nikki's personality shines through. I can understand why a lot of people love her and I find it very fortunate and I'm honored to have the pleasure of meeting this remarkable lady. Nikki is my Canadian Oprah and a lot more because she never ever make it seems that it is difficult in what she is doing and I'm quite sure she has hit a stumbling block or two. My prayer Nikki is to see your name on the Walk of Fame. Thank you for the countless of number people that you have mentored throughout your career and continue to do so.Whether I win or not win, I thank you for this opportunity for me to humbly express these few words to you,Cheers! "

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Andrea Haynes
Andrea Haynes

Your presence was greatly appreciated and that I am truly grateful for your support and your feedback.

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Abisara Machold
Abisara Machold, Natural Hair Congress of Canada

C'était excellent de passer du temps avec toi Nikki Clarke et tu fais un excellent travail. Bravooo. Thank you so much for having me, I met some great ladies yesterday and I am looking forward to what the future has in store

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Rose Cathy Handy
Rose Cathy Handy

Thank you Nikki Clarke for your care, your beautiful heart and the positive influence to the community. Many Blessings.

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Esther Kanevsky
Esther Kanevsky, Cold Pressed Juice Inc

Nikki Clarke - I feel like we've shared such momentous milestones as our paths have crossed. I'm so grateful for your friendship. You're a powerhouse and I lo

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Andrea Ivanka
Andrea Ivanka International

I had so much fun on the Nikki Clarke Show last night. So many great people and inspirational stories from all the guests who were interviewed..Lovely people making a difference in the world and a positive impact the lives of others!! Thanks to the fabulous Nikki Clarke giving Help Fight Ebola a stage to spread our message of hope and supporting the #Ebolaconcert coming up on June 28.

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Stacey Berry
Stacey Berry, Co founder of the Help Fight Ebola Campaign

Had a wonderful time and an amazing experience being on the Nikki Clarke Show in Toronto last night.

It was an honour to be among so many go-getters and giving individuals who are trying to make a differe

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Katharine Loucaido
Katharine Loucaido, Real Estate Broker

Thank you Nikki Clarke and The Nikki Clarke Network for the amazing interviews. On June 3rd, Nikki Clarke interviewed members of the Trump Strategies for Real Estate event. Brought to you by media sponsor The Nikki Clarke Network. We are grateful to be a part of this shift with you all

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GS Maher and Emerson Rose Events
GS Maher and Emerson Rose Events


The Nikki Clarke Show is a talk show featuring celebrity interviews, discussion of hot topics and live musical performances! Paintbox Bistro was the latest venue, and guests gathered for a meal along with the free show. Special guests included author Larissa Reed, designer Dr. Maxine Maclean, founder of High Heal Diaries, Natalie Wilson and more. Music for the taping was by DJ Josh Clarke. Thanks to sponsors Emmanuelle Decor, Michael Kluthe Salon and the Paintbox Bistro. Visit nikkiclarkenetwork.com for more info.

Photos by Rochelle Chambers

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Hello Nikki,
Thank you for the opportunity to be on both your radio & television shows.
You are certainly an exceptional woman, inspiring all of us to live our dreams! Keep rising to the top! You look sweet up there!!!!

Love & High Regards,
In service to Humanity one step at a time .....
Jennifer Desmond RN, BScN (c), IPN, Author
President of RROPE

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President of RROPE
Jennifer Desmond, RN, BScN (c), IPN, Author, RROPE

I just wanted to thank you for having me on your show last night. I had a great time and had no idea you had so many talents (singing, rapping, comedy ?).
Amanda Reid

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Amanda Reid
Amanda Reid

Thank you for having me on your show tonight. The vibe is incredible and you are a wonderful woman with a glowing personality. I had an amazing time!
Much Love,
Vanessa Smith

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Vanessa Smith
Vanessa Smith

Hey nikki. Great meeting you. I so love your spirit. I read energies well and yours is just beautiful. You're a good soul.
Angie Fix - Author, Reiki Master

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Angie Fix
Angie Fix, Reiki Master

Hi Nikki,
Thank you for travelling to Hamilton, and for the amazing Keynote you put on! Everyone really enjoyed it and learned a lot, hope you had a great time as well ?
All the best, and hope to see the Nikki Clarke show come to Hamilton!
Sally Elsadek
Business Development | Global Hamilton
Economic Development Division
Planning & Economic Development Dept.
City of Hamilton

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Sally Elsadek
Sally Elsadek, City of Hamilton

Hello again Nikki I just wanted to thank you once again for the life interview and for giving me the opportunity to read some of my work to your audience I hope you will enjoy the book I left for you and hopefully we will connect again
Arlene Hunter- author

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Arlene Hunter
Arlene Hunter, Author

Hello. Im just keeping in touch and thanking you for bringing me on your show I had a great time

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Josh Clarke
Josh Clarke, Singer

I admire what you do so much and I wish you continue success in all your projects.

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Rose Cathy Handy
Founder Canadian International Black Women's Event

Hi Nikki ,
Thank you for a exceptional experience. Although I developed a case of the nerves at last minute, I know that I came away with some valuable lessons learned. This was my very first live interview.
Nikki you are truly gifted and blessed. You make it look so easy. I look forward to future endeavors.
Thanks again.
In service,
Diana Francis

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Diana Francis
Diana Francis

Thanks Nikki for the amazing opportunity to be a part of your show.I certainly did not know what to expect,but it was joyful,playful and informative.
I have been interviewed on radio,and on TV,but never in a mall. Very innovative idea.
Rita Burke, Co founder of Ebony Toastmasters

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Rita Burke

Hi Nikki,
Thank you again for having me on the show. I usually get nervous as I'm conscious about my English and grammar mistakes I make, but you made it easy and fun. I appreciate it. ?
You are truly gifted and I love your energy
Sara Rahimi
The Be Your Best Self Empowerment Coach
Co-author of "Who Is Going To Stop Us Now?"

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Sara Rahimi

Lovely Nikki,
Yesterday was by far, one of the most exciting events I've participating in. Thank you for your invitation to feature the 17 Biblical Principles of Success, and sing in the epic karaoke session.
Nikki, you are a very gracious host, talented singer and overall Awesome ambassador, showcasing talent and gifts of the community.

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Charles D. Waterman

Hi Nikki,
My name is Flo, you met me at the VIP Colours of love event last night. We had a great inspirational talk about your journey thus far. And speak about inspiration, I went to your website and got a chance to check out your interview with Keith Hill Jr: Nikki, you're doing great things and are truly without a doubt transforming lives!
Thank you for spreading that inspiration!
www.facebook.com/flo.oramasionw (band page)
PS: And if you ever need a guest, hit me up (I love what you are doing!)!

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VIP Colours

The great Nikki Clarke who has a wonderful internet TV show.
Thanks for coming
Brian Crombie,
Husband of Mayor Bonnie Crosby

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Brian Crombie
Brian Crombie

Also, i must thank you again for including me on your show - you are a gracious and loving host….and such talent, who knew you sang too.

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Linda Murphy
Linda Murphy, Founder Clarity Medical Spa

Fantastic talk show

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Josiane Modjom
Josiane Modjom, Founder of Mailia Indigo

You are a warm hearted and fantastic host

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Natalie Wilson
Founder of High Heal Diaries

Love you Nikki! Love the show-love what is created- loved meeting such inspiring, fun women!

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Larissa Reed
Coauthor " Shine Like a Diamond"

A hearty thank you to everyone who came out earlier this week to join in the first ever singing of Yiddish O Canada!

Here is the link to the full anthem along with the lyrics and bouncing ball so everyone can follow and sing along:


I’ve also attached a photo from the event. Please feel free to share both with all who will enjoy.

We hope to have you with us for future ZoomerMedia events!

All the best and Happy Canada 150,

I really appreciated you reaching out to me. your interview got me going and helped with my branding. I have almost 600 views so far!

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Mandana Attarzadeh
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FEM-LEADERS Fem-leader Nikki Clarke continues to raise the bar

Hi Nikki,

I hope that you had a good week. It’s Deborah Austin here. Thank you again for the opportunity to be on your show. It was a pleasure meeting you and I had a wonderful experience on your show, especially for my first TV interview. I will write a glowing testimonial and spread the word about your show. I’m looking forward to when the show airs. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Best regards,

Deborah Austin, DTM
Speaker - Writer - Trainer
Coach & Consultant

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Deborah Austin, DTM


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OBHS President, Nikki Clarke, Plunges Into The Political Arena, Seeking To Become The Next NDP MPP For Mississauga-Malton

Good Morning Nikki,

I hope you have had a rejuvenating weekend so far and that it continues to be so.

I just wanted to say thank you for having me on the show on Friday. I know it didn’t go as you had planned, and it was still exciting and fun for my friends and I. The experience has given me even more excitement for connecting with the people who need what I have to share!

Thank you for the transformative work you do and for the gifts of your time and connecting heart.

Warmest wishes,

Kimberly Pereira

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Kimberly Pereira

Thanks Nikki
Just happy that I was able to contribute, your work is so inspiring and so very needed

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Jane Durst-Pulkys


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A Freedom Seeker’s Toronto” Event Highlights Black History

Hi Nikki!

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to speak on your final show last night. It was surreal, cathartic and empowering. Thank you sincerely.

Congratulations and best wishes!

Reesheen Ramjohn-Edun

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Reesheen Ramjohn-Edun


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Let’s Talk TV


january, 2018

24jan6:00 pm- 8:30 amNikki Clarke Show Live Taping

24jan7:00 pm- 7:30 pmChecking In - Facebook Live with Nikki Clarke

28jan12:00 pmBlack History Month Kick-Off Brunch

31jan7:00 pm- 7:30 pmChecking In - Facebook Live with Nikki Clarke


7feb7:00 pm- 7:30 pmChecking In - Facebook Live with Nikki Clarke

10feb1:00 pm- 3:00 pmBlack History Month

14feb7:00 pm- 7:30 pmChecking In - Facebook Live with Nikki Clarke

21feb7:00 pm- 7:30 pmChecking In - Facebook Live with Nikki Clarke

28feb7:00 pm- 7:30 pmChecking In - Facebook Live with Nikki Clarke